With the turn of each year, we’re presented with the pressure to close out one year and start fresh with new goals and a new outlook for the untainted, incoming year. That… is a lot of pressure.

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Being totally honest, I’m not a huge fan of traditional New Year’s resolutions (which I suppose you may have gathered from the title of this article). I find that setting large, sweeping “resolutions” at the beginning of the year, while beautifully aspirational, does not set me up for success.

I think that people tend to look forward to the new year partially because…

Sometimes the word “goal” makes me cringe a little. I know the meaning is very neutral — the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “something you hope to achieve.” Lovely! But with today’s pervasive hustle culture, I feel like the concept of goals can sometimes be coopted and twisted into this thing that you must have (and if you don’t you’re a lazy piece of shit) and if you don’t achieve your stated goal, you’re a failure (and a lazy piece of shit).

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There is this vicious cycle that happens with all types of failure: you fail at something, you…

I remember so clearly when my friend Kim said it to me. It stung. It was something I hadn’t considered. And she was totally right.

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I had a very successful and affirming love life until I turned 10, and it’s been pretty bleak ever since. A few short-term dating situations that haven’t really turned into much, but I suppose with most of those men I knew from the outset that the fit wasn’t quite right.

My personal “crush cadence” (as I like to call it) is that while I have some boy-crazy tendencies, about once every year or every-other year…

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In the nearly seven weeks of staying at home and social distancing I’ve learned a lot about myself. I guess that long bouts of introspection are bound to happen when you strip away basically all routine external stimuli and distraction.

When I think about what I want in a partner, I’ve historically come up with a list like this:

  • Must be kind to cashiers to waitstaff
  • Needs to hold his own in conversation with my very large family
  • He’ll need to be interested in fitness and health stuff in general
  • It would be nice if he’s tall-ish
  • Must like travel…

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I was recently catching up on a backlog of my beloved videos and was admittedly a little saddened by a negative experience another writer had with rushing and joining a sorority. I heard her bring up a lot of valid, common complaints. I don’t want to retell her story, so if you haven’t already seen the video you can (), but I do want to share a little of my own perspective as someone who had a very different experience.

Before we jump into the juicy details of…

How I spend $140 per month on groceries (in an expensive city)

Now, I realize that $140 for the month may sound reasonable or may sound impossible depending on where you live. If you’re cool eating ramen and PB&J most days, then $140 on groceries may seem excessive. The truth is, when I’m trying to pull together a healthy, balanced meal plan, keeping myself under about $35 per week is quite the adventure.

For the past few months, I’ve challenged myself keep to the $140 per month limit. I’ve given minimal leeway when I have a week where a higher-ticket…

Literally exactly how I felt for the entire 10 months leading up to the event (Photo by , )

If I’m being perfectly honest, it wasn’t totally by myself. I had support on certain pieces — I’m a believer in being upfront about having help (and am the obnoxious objecter when people proclaim that they’re “self-made” when they’re really just the face of a team). BUT I will estimate that I did somewhere in the neighborhood of ninety-five percent of the planning.

I’ve always had my hand in some kind of event planning — from large entertainment shows in university, to an orphanage Christmas party in when I was living in Korea to, now, a community summit for women…

Grieving is very personal, but there are a handful of things that I wish I had known to expect during the height of my grief

There is no standard reaction

It’s hard to guess just how you may react when someone you love dies. Everyone manages their grief in different ways, but from my recent loss I can say that no one around me reacted in a terribly unsurprising way. I can only describe it as: whatever your normal reaction to sadness and stress… prepare for that to be amplified.

I’m a crier. I cried a lot. Almost every time I was alone and the podcast I had been listening to ended, I would find myself with a very unpleasant quiet that if I didn’t fill with noise quickly, would…

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It hit me a few days ago, as it does from time to time, that people just don’t know what to make of me. I don’t fit neatly into any little box, and it seems that as a species we don’t much like anything we can’t categorize.

Being the shapeless, morphable amoeba that I am, when I apply for jobs (or basically anything that requires an application) or tried to grab attention on Tinder (yes, past-tense), I was met with a lot of…. confusion. The words “you don’t look/seem like a girl who... would travel solo/listen to post-hardcore punk music/can…

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It’s so irritating. I’ll click on a link to a well-titled article that has drawn me in with its claims to “improve my productivity” or “help me organize my morning.” The tips and tricks almost never apply to my life.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but they never seem to be written by people who work inflexible hours or are trying to find time for their side-hustle/passion project while also working a full-time job.

I do admit that sometimes there are tidbits from each piece that get my gears turning, but there is literally no way I could…

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